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Upload, Manage and Publish Technical Manuals and Documents

C2Publisher is a robust tool designed for streamlined document publishing workflows. It facilitates efficient document management and distribution across organizations. The publisher allows authorized users to bulk upload source files to repositories and update file metadata stored in database. The document sets structure (a Table of Contents) is maintained in C2Publisher. For S1000D specification documents, the Publication Module is used for the manual structure.

C2Publish validates the content prior to releasing for C2View end user consumption. Validation includes that all files called out in Table of Contents exist in repository and are correct version, that all graphics called out in files exist and have the correct naming conventions and are in a release state, that all external/internal links have a destination, and other validation checks required for a successful viewing experience.

C2Publisher provides a centralized repository for documents, ensuring that the latest versions are easily accessible to authorized users. All files have version control features enabled for organizations to track changes, revert to previous versions, and maintain a clear audit trail of document modifications.

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