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IETM / IETP Publication Services

IETM / IETP Publication Services

IETM / IETP Publication Services


Command Tech has several long term sustainment contracts to provide IETM/IETP builds from S1000D, MIL- SPEC Source Data for Both military and commercial customers. Customers have included Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Bell Helicopter, and the United States Air Force. We have been under contract since 2005 with Tinker Air Force Base, to convert, integrate, and sustain of USAF legacy format Technical Orders (T.O.s) to Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs) and add Electronic Automated Work Package (EAWP) functionality.

We use CPS software to build IETM/IETPs as the deliverable. The IETMs can be streamed securely on the web or delivered via CD ROM. For current customers like Rolls Royce Naval Marine, we build IETPs from S1000D data modules and host them securely for review, comment, acceptance, and delivery to the Navy.

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